Fees and Charges

**Share Draft and ACH fees are only reversed at the discretion of Credit Union management when deemed to be excessive or errantly applied. Partial reversal may occur for covered activity that is made up the day of transaction.

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
NSF – Covered or Returned$30
Auto-transfer for NSF$5
Wired Funds – Out$12
Wired Funds – In$6
Interim Statement$1
Bank ChecksFirst 24 free, $1 thereafter
Share Draft Copy$2
Bank Check Copy$2
Stop Payment – Draft/ACH$5
Stop Payment – Bank Check/POS$25
Return Deposited Check$25
EFT from Savings$5
Draft Account – MonthlyFree
Draft Account – Per CheckFree
ATM WithdrawalFree ($2 for non-members at our ATMs) for our machines and Allpoint network. Other banks and networks apply their own fees.
MM Excess Withdrawal$2